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Stanley and Glad Wedding

An amazing couple! It is alway's such an honor when a couple is so excited about our work and what we do. With the reception being at Mount Malarayat Golf and Country Club one of my favorite venues. Enjoy these select photos from their black and white set.

Vincent Duke Photography and Ruel Manalo Videography Partnership Announcement!


It's a new year and with that comes new and exciting changes to better serve our customers. Vincent Duke Photography is partnering with our long standing videographer Ruel Manalo to bring you an even higher quality of service. 

What does this mean? 

Ruel Manalo has been and continues to be our staple videographer. However, as a studio to be great at both photography and videography is difficult to manage with only one captain. This decision to split into two separate entities is to allow us to focus on what we are best at. This will allow us here at Vincent Duke Photography to focus solely on improving our photography and Ruel Manalo Videography to solely focus on improving his videography. In short, you will alway's get the best of both offerings.

What about the packages?

Both Vincent Duke Photography and Ruel Manalo Videography will continue to offer photo video packages. The main difference is the packages will be split! Meaning you will receive a photography package, and a videography package that will allow you to pick and choose what service offerings you want. This may sound confusing but this also liberates you the customer to also choose. Say you want our photography service but someone else videography services or vice versa. 

Exciting Times

This decision did not come lightly and came with a lot of planning. This frees both of us to work within our element and provide the consistency we are striving for. We thank the VDP family for helping us achieve our goals and launching us into a new 

Check out Ruel Manalo Videography here:

Happy New Year from Vincent Duke Photography!

Well it's been a wild ride this year and we have all of you to thank for it! We have gone from being new to the scene to being known as one of the best Wedding Photographers in the Batangas area and even in the Philippines! We have had so many satisfied clients which for me is one of the highest honors to hear how thrilled our customers are. We have grown a following of over 11,000+ fans on Facebook, Started Lipa Wedding Professionals, Moved into a studio, and many more milestones. I owe all of this to the people involved and mostly you, the VDP family we couldn't have done this without you! So from us to everyone reading this we want to say a BIG THANK YOU for helping us reach our success and we are looking forward to serving you even better this 2018! Here is to bigger better things!


(See some of our satisfied clients this year below)

10,000 Likes 60k PROMOTION is almost over!

Firstly, let me take a moment to thank all those who have taken advantage of our promotion. It means a lot to us to have such a following which is nearing 11,000 Followers on Facebook. We are honored and thrilled to know that our clients and fans love our work!

Our promotion will be ending soon come January 1st or once we fill all 10 of our bookings which we're almost there! The overwhelming response to our promotion makes me so proud of the Vincent Duke Photography family of clients and fans. As one of the premiere wedding photographers in the Philippines we believe that carries with it a big responsibility to maintain a spirit of excellence and consistent quality.

For those who have yet to take advantage of our promotion I urge you to book quickly as we have limited slots available. Here are the details of our promotion:

THE PROMOTION: 60,000 Peso's (120k+ Value!)

  • Prenup Photo & Video
  • Wedding Day Photo & Video
  • Aerial Videography
  • Cinematic Prenup Video
  • Cinematic Save The Date Teaser
  • AVP Slide Show of Prenup Session
  • Same Day Edit Video (SDE) on Wedding Day
  • 20 Page Canvas Album of Prenup
  • 40 Page Leather Type Album of Wedding
  • And our exclusive client benefit included for all of our Clients: Online Life Events Page (Digital Album, with original high resolution photos, Free for Life!)

Take a look below to see some photos of our highly satisfied clients!

We can't wait to hear from you!

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Announcing Lipa Wedding Professionals

We get it, finding quality providers for your next big event can be a stressful and time consuming task. We here at Vincent Duke Photography decided to take the initiative and create a site dedicated to finding the best providers based in Lipa City. From photographers, caterers, fashion designers, venues, and more will become your one stop shop for finding everything you need for your next event.  We are working diligently to fill this online directory with high quality providers. Click the image below or goto to brows our providers or to signup as a business for free!

Visit to Shutter Master Pro

Our first review for YouTube takes us to Shutter Master Pro in Quezon City! What a great Place for all your professional photography and videography needs. Subscribe to our youtube channel for our upcoming reviews!

Coffee time @TazaMia

The newest hotspot of Lipa City is the High5 building, which houses great restaurants,  an Anytime Fitness, and my personal favorite a 24hr coffee shop which just happens to be my favorite coffee chain! Taza Mia! Started in Lipa City the High5 Taza Mia is their newest branch offering high quality coffee beverages 24 hours a day 7 days a week! The environment is top notch with a home like comfort. It's that cozy coffee shop feel with a loft for additional seating for hanging with your friends, co-workers, or just a nice place to go sit with your own thoughts (BUT WATCH YOUR HEAD! It is a pretty low ceiling). Overall I would have to HIGHLY recommend stopping by, kick your feet back, and relax with one of their excellent hot, cold, or frozen beverages.

Gems of Lipa City - RamenHouse

Well this is a welcome addition to Lipa City. Nestled in the new High5 building on the first floor is an amazing little restaurant called Ramen House. Now I love a good bowl of ramen and typically I have to make a hike to ATC, BGC, or Manila to get a decent bowl. Well Ramen House has changed all that and has officially increased my food budget!

The Food

Amazingly no MSG is used in any of the food (as per the chef), organic vegetables, market fresh meats and seafoods! It shows in the flavors, I mean let's just say I have no need to pay toll fees to get a good bowl of ramen anymore. Here is a quick peek at the menu.

Overall Experience

So this is my 2nd time to Ramen House in less than a week (I like to try a place at least twice before I give a thumbs up or down). It's a small place which makes it a bit noisy and tight if it's crowded but also gives it that community feel like you're a part of a party, or gathering. Everything is wood finish from the walls, chairs, tables, to even the 2nd floor (WATCH YOUR HEAD it's a fairly low ceiling but fun) which reveals a traditional Japanese themed ramen joint! I say it's kid friendly in the sense you don't have to worry if your child is loud since it's a very casual restaurant. The staff is insanely friendly in a good way! And always provides service with a smile. The Chef himself will come in and check on you and see how you liked your food, honestly some of the nicest people I have met! I can keep yammering on but I will say this. It is HANDS DOWN the BEST RAMEN in Lipa City!

Verdict: MUST TRY! if you like ramen you will not be disappointed.

Below are some photos of my experience with my family.



Floyd and Loridee's Wedding at Valentino Resort

Floyd and Loridee are an amazing couple. We are honored to of been able to capture their wedding moments. A truly spectacular wedding filled with joy and a special guest the Mayor of Lipa City, Meynardo Sabili who did the honor of joining our couple in matrimony. The wedding was set at Valentino Resort and Spa as well as the reception. Bright and vibrant, this wedding was not only classy and elegant but truly a once in a lifetime event.

Wedding Highlights

Some Favorite Photos

Work smart not hard with Capture One

We here at the studio have recently made a big big BIG! change in our workflow. Let's start this from the beginning, where we were before Capture One Pro 10. Let me also clarify that I am in no way affiliated with Phase ONE, I have not been paid, offered discounts, or in no way been bribed or persuaded to say neither good nor bad things about PhaseOne/Capture One. Now grab a cup of coffee this is going to be a long one.

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