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Gems of Lipa City - RamenHouse

Well this is a welcome addition to Lipa City. Nestled in the new High5 building on the first floor is an amazing little restaurant called Ramen House. Now I love a good bowl of ramen and typically I have to make a hike to ATC, BGC, or Manila to get a decent bowl. Well Ramen House has changed all that and has officially increased my food budget!

The Food

Amazingly no MSG is used in any of the food (as per the chef), organic vegetables, market fresh meats and seafoods! It shows in the flavors, I mean let's just say I have no need to pay toll fees to get a good bowl of ramen anymore. Here is a quick peek at the menu.

Overall Experience

So this is my 2nd time to Ramen House in less than a week (I like to try a place at least twice before I give a thumbs up or down). It's a small place which makes it a bit noisy and tight if it's crowded but also gives it that community feel like you're a part of a party, or gathering. Everything is wood finish from the walls, chairs, tables, to even the 2nd floor (WATCH YOUR HEAD it's a fairly low ceiling but fun) which reveals a traditional Japanese themed ramen joint! I say it's kid friendly in the sense you don't have to worry if your child is loud since it's a very casual restaurant. The staff is insanely friendly in a good way! And always provides service with a smile. The Chef himself will come in and check on you and see how you liked your food, honestly some of the nicest people I have met! I can keep yammering on but I will say this. It is HANDS DOWN the BEST RAMEN in Lipa City!

Verdict: MUST TRY! if you like ramen you will not be disappointed.

Below are some photos of my experience with my family.