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Pardon our dust while we improve our service!

Due to our rapid success and growth we have outgrown our current method of managing our online services. What does this mean? Well it means our online storage needs has become MASSIVE! In order to maintain our redundancies for backup to fulfill our promise of permanent online storage in high quality it would have meant a massive server structure and expense. Which of course would cause us to raise our rates. We didnt want to do that! 

What does this mean to you?

Well in turn this is actually a great thing! We have chosen to partner up with the best and most recognized service providers in the industry, SmugMug and Squarespace! This allows us to utilize their top tier infrastructure, keep load times quick and easy for our customers, new features and growth in our online service abilities, last but not least relieve us of the bourdon of managing our own IT infrastructure. Now we can focus on what we love! Photography!


Anyone who knows me knows I do not put all my eggs in one basket. Of course we will maintain our local copies of our raw images and videos. But I need more than that to feel secure so I also use another service to continuously backup all my files off site. Now with smugmug we get and added complete seconds backup, wait no third! backup of all your files. Basically means the end of the world would have to happen for something to go wrong here.

The Bad News?

Well this is mostly good news for you with a tiny speedbump for us. We will probably have to refocus efforts into our online marketing, our previous blogs and pages indexed by google will be returning 404 errors. And well moving all those images yet again is truly an annoyance. But this is for you guys! so it's okay.

Final Thoughts

Please bare with us as we restructure our online presence. We're doing this for you guys promise!