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The New Fork and Bottle

Fork and Bottle recently has undergone some MAJOR changes spearheaded by President and Founder Michelle Catindig Hernandez of Mikaelah Michelle Fashion and Design located right here in Marawoy, Lipa City on Pres. J.P. Laurel Highway near Fiesta Mall.

Montiloi Catindig, brother of Michelle has come to fork and bottle as a partner and additional staff of the managerial team as well as one of the three head chefs. All I can say here is WOW, what a great job. My photography studio is based in the same building so you may be saying that I have a bias, or this is a skewed review. I can assure you it is not, if I didn't like the restaurant I wouldnt say anything. With all this said let's get on to the review!


The feeling when you walk up the stairs to go into Fork and Bottle is no short of the feeling like you just walked into a different world. Filled with class, elegance, and a sense of timelessness makes it a truly inspiring venue to walk into. You're greeted with a warm homey feeling that is inviting and comforting. 

The Food

A complete 180 degree change from what I have experienced from fork and bottle prior to the revamp. Food is flavorful, presented well, and prepared in a timely fashion. I have tried nearly everything on the menu and here are some of my top favorites.

  • The Cheeseburger - Being an american this to me is a huge compliment. We take our burgers seriously back where I come from and finding a good burger is a struggle. That is until I had Fork and Bottles new burger. WOW I honestly felt like I was in a backyard BBQ back in the USA. Meaty patty not filled with extenders, fresh veggies, and real cheddar, all put between a proper sesame seed bun served with fries and ice tea. 
  • Crispy Sisig - One of my favorite Filipino comfort foods and boy did they knock this one out of the park. I've had some fantastic sisig, even sisig from restaurants that specialize in sisig and I can say without a doubt that to date this is THE BEST SISIG I have EVER tasted. It truly is addicting.
  • Chocolate Mousse - If you're a chocolate lover you will simply love this. I honestly cannot express the childhood memories I have with Chocolate Mousse from my lola when she was an executive chef at a classic 5 star theater restaurant that served celebrities. All I can say is I have not experienced this flavor since I was 6 years old until now. In short, you HAVE TO TRY THIS.

The Price

Here comes the great news! I was thinking the prices here would start at 300 peso's per item and go up from there. That is not the case! The prices make this restaurant available to all budgets. They even have 99 peso rice meals! 

Additional Services

Fork and Bottle not only has an excellent restaurant, but also offer outstanding catering services for your next event. Wedding receptions, birthdays, corporate events, they have you covered! 


Really there isn't much more I can say except this is a winning combination and I must congratulate Michelle, Montiloi, and the rest of the team on a job VERY WELL done. Thank you for bringing excellence and quality here to Lipa City! HIGHLY HIGHLY Recrommended.

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