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Vincent Duke Photography and Ruel Manalo Videography Partnership Announcement!


It's a new year and with that comes new and exciting changes to better serve our customers. Vincent Duke Photography is partnering with our long standing videographer Ruel Manalo to bring you an even higher quality of service. 

What does this mean? 

Ruel Manalo has been and continues to be our staple videographer. However, as a studio to be great at both photography and videography is difficult to manage with only one captain. This decision to split into two separate entities is to allow us to focus on what we are best at. This will allow us here at Vincent Duke Photography to focus solely on improving our photography and Ruel Manalo Videography to solely focus on improving his videography. In short, you will alway's get the best of both offerings.

What about the packages?

Both Vincent Duke Photography and Ruel Manalo Videography will continue to offer photo video packages. The main difference is the packages will be split! Meaning you will receive a photography package, and a videography package that will allow you to pick and choose what service offerings you want. This may sound confusing but this also liberates you the customer to also choose. Say you want our photography service but someone else videography services or vice versa. 

Exciting Times

This decision did not come lightly and came with a lot of planning. This frees both of us to work within our element and provide the consistency we are striving for. We thank the VDP family for helping us achieve our goals and launching us into a new 

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