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Spider Holster Ambassadorship

Wow what a week! We were really quite excited when we woke up to find an email from Spider Holster inviting us to become an Ambassador of their product(s). Of course we said yes! We love Spider Holster!

What does this mean for Vincent Duke?

This new partnership/relationship with Spider Holster will not effect our quality of work. Or our unbiased view of their product(s). We will alway's remain transparent and honest in our reviews and recommendations. This does however mean we will be talking a lot more about Spider Holster! Which we have been talking about Spider ever since we switched to their system. We will also more than likely do some spider giveaways at our workshops, and maybe even do a trade show every now and then. Who knows how far this relationship will go! But everyone already knows we love Spider Holster and I can honestly say IT IS A MUST have for ANY professional wedding and/or event photographer.

OH! Keep your eye's peeled for another big upcoming announcement! Vincent Duke Photography is on the rise! and we want to thank the Vincent Duke Family (YOU GUYS!) For all your support in helping us grow.