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Agility and Mobility with Spider Holster

As a wedding and event photographer you're on your feet and on the ground for hours on end. No studio chair, no teathered shooting while your camera rest on a tripod. You're a man or woman of action. Traversing the terrane, up hill, down hill, climbing the rockbed on a beach shore, in the rain, in the hot sun, and everything else mother nature will throw at you.


Of course I'm not complaining I love what I do. It brings me a sense of accomplishment when my clients look at their photos and get excited. At the end of an engagement session or wedding day both the clients and I are exhausted and we want to make sure our efforts are worth the price. 


Strap vs Holster

The most common need photo journalist and event photographers have is how to carry our gear. Studio photographers can put their gear down when not in use. Sport, landscape, and nature photographers usually will have their rig on top of a tripod and stored away in a bag when not in use. But photo journalist and event photographers need to have access to their gear at all times to make sure they dont miss a moment. 


I have owned just about every strap money can buy and for the longest time I was on the hunt for the perfect one. I found the perfect strap doesn't exist and here's the issues i've found:

  • Strain on the shoulder and back
  • Camera touches the ground when you kneel
  • Wear and tear causing you to replace straps
  • Limited range of motion
  • The need to keep a hand on your camera to keep it from swinging around

Now it's not all bad news. I have loved several of my straps but I still alway's seemed to have kept looking for the next best thing.


Let me introduce you to Spider Holster, this device changed the way I shoot forever. It's a belt system that allows you to mount your camera at your hip. At first the idea of holstering my camera like a gun slinger seemed silly to me, there is no way it could compare to my money maker dual camera strap. Long story short I was blown away!

The best thing since sliced bread

Ever since I had my team and I switch to Spider Holster we never looked back and heres why!

  • No strain all GAIN! Our shoulders and backs never felt better
  • No need to worry about our gear swinging around
  • We can jump, run, kneel, be as agile as possible without ever worrying about our gear
  • Quick access. Your camera is where it should be at all times.

I could go on and on however at the end of the day it all comes down to the job. I have a couple minor complaints about the belt itself when worn with another belt, but that is something I feel is more than a fair trade off especially considering they are always improving the product.


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